SIZE : 50x23x145mm

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Shape: Oval

One of the most popular timeless styles is this ultra-light round frame. It refines the look of your face. The adjustable nose pad provides extra comfort. Overall, it’s sublimely stylish, yet subtle enough to wear.

Material: Light Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the perfect material for eyeglasses frames, is
hypoallergenic, highly resistant, light and durable.

Mazzucchelli Cellulose
Mazzucchelli Cellulose is one of the most durable materials for
eyeglasses frames due to its excellent elasticity. It’s resistant
to temperature changes, hypoallergenic and very comfortable
to wear. Made with plant-based material, it’s a perfect fit for
those who are environmentally friendly.

Temples made with exclusive moulds and high-end hinges.

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