The spirit of Tokado resides in Italy, in the town of Treviso in the northern region of Veneto. A few miles out of Venice, Treviso is the home of some of the world’s fashion revolutionaries and where all our frames are manufactured.

Eccelenza Veneto (Veneto Excellence), the region motto, is the foundation of Tokado’s philosophy. Combining legendary Italian elegance and timeless style with unparalleled craftsmanship, our frames are produced upholding a long tradition of excellence in optical and solar eyewear. Tokado strives to bring our clients the Veneto “sapere” (know-how), along with the Italian “eleganza” and combine both in a frame you will love and cherish for long.

A few times a year, our Canadian designers travel to Treviso to find inspiration in its middle-age cobblestone arcaded streets, along the banks of the river Sile which runs through the town’s beautiful canals. The stunning Cathedrals and the backdrop of the Alpine mountains lend a striking contrast to the fashion-forward and modern Italian trendy styles.